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Cherish Varley, is the newest member to the single malts team for Remy-Cointreau Americas . She represents Bruichladdich distillery as well as Westland American single malt in the Midwest and the Maryland/D.C. area. Cherish got in to bartending straight out of college and has been in love with the industry ever since. She was a lead bartender at untitled supper club for a number of years, finishing her time there as the whiskey librarian, which is where she discovered both Westland and Bruichladdich. Heading in to her second year as brand ambassador, this position has given her the opportunity to visit both distilleries as well as traveling the country meeting new people and whiskey lovers alike. She is excited to be here sampling some amazing sprits in the D.C. area and spreading her passion for these two single malts.






Ryan has been the Maryland and DC Protector of the Peat for Laphroaig since 2016. During this time he has visited Scotland 3 times and has visited many of the distilleries in each scotch producing region. His favorite scotches include Laphroaig Lore and Bowmore 15 Darkest.